Two ‘comic cuts’, and a bonus

Two quick catch-up Comic Cuts (the BEF name for staff memos), and apologies for the absence of regular postings over the past few weeks. We will be posting guest contributions through August as we lead up to the conference (details are now on another page for easy access, after a bi).

The first is the formal use of ‘diggers’ in this snapshot of veterans’ cottages in Mossman, Queensland, Australia. Any thoughts as regards the names of the cottages – ‘Badilla’ and ‘Pindar’?



The second is a quote from Sassoon’s Sherston’s Progress published in 1936, using the term ‘pillar-box’, the earlier, and explanatory, form of ‘pill-box’ – see Peter Oldham’s article on 26 February this year.


As an apology bonus we offer a French postcard sent in October 1918; the contrast between the sentiments (and the lady’s expression) and the silhouette scenario below could hardly be greater.


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