Awards and decorations November 1916

ribbons 4A little leaflet has come our way, published in November 1916; it folds up to about the size of a playing-card. It would have been useful indeed for recognising the ribbons which take the place of medals in undress (i.e. when not wearing uniform).

We like the understatement: ‘Contrary to the British practice, French, Belgian and Russian soldiers may be seen in the streets of London displaying the medals themselves’.

Oh dear.ribbons 2ribbons 3ribbons 1


And, in passing, an early use of the term ‘PT’ in Rifleman Fred Walker’s diary from November 1918; at this point he was convalescing from the effects of a gas attack. As regards the dancing, this was tweeted by Dr Emma Hanna:

Folk dancing was used in convalescents notably by YMCA-sponsored instructor Daisy Daking. Dispatched to France in 1917 from Cecil Sharp’s group. Daking created a team of 30 folk dance instructors working with BEF in France and Flanders by end of 1918.

13 to 16 November 1918



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