Easter Egg Hunt

The eggs are here, and we award a virtual egg for our Easter quiz. Answers next week.

1. Where you can find these signs for estaminets?






B             20190415_160725

C                    20190415_160921


2. According to Brophy and Partridge, what was the difference between ‘dropping eggs’ and ‘laying eggs’?

3. ‘Egg Shells’ was the name of which Royal Navy ship, which took part in the sinking of the German auxiliary cruiser Leopard?

4. Why was the Scottish soldier delighted when he tried to buy two eggs?

5. According to Brophy and Partridge, an ‘egg’ was not a grenade, but a bomb; but what was an ‘egg bomb’?

6. What were ‘Ostereier’?

7. What were ‘savage rabbits’?

8. What were the ‘Herbaceous Borders’?

9. What did American soldiers call by the name ‘the chicken’?

10. Can you make out what is going on here?



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