Conference update

July update to the plans for the conference on 13th September.

We are now setting up to run the conference for the most part online. We will be happy to welcome participants to Kings College London, and more details will be posted later, as will the all-important Zoom link.

As we have speakers from Asia, America, Europe, Australia and New Zealand, it will be a long day, with breaks and discussion periods. It also means that there are spaces for more papers – please do contact us.

Confirmed papers so far – and confirmations are coming in as this is being written – are:

Wim Coudenys (Belgium): Representing the (forgotten) ‘other’: V.P. Shelgunov between Russia and the Low Countries

Amanda Laugesen (Australia): Remaking the Language of War and Trauma in Postwar Australian Veteran Culture.

Paul Miller (USA & Poland): Language and the Mythologization of the Sarajevo Assassination.

Sérgio Neto (Portugal): An Analysis of Portuguese Languages of the First World War.

Iaroslav Golubinov (Russia): Speaking Like Tourists? Russians in Occupied Galicia 1914–1917.

Vladislava Warditz (Germany): The First World War as a Case of Language Contacts: On the Origins of Abbreviations in Russian

Julian Walker (UK): The Linguistic Militarisation of Early Years Children’s Books in Britain 1914-18.


A postcard from Ostende, sent August 1919.



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