Conference 2018, Day 2 (a)

Briefly, some photographs from Day 2 of the conference.


Screen Shot 2018-09-15 at 07.15.46


Marguerite Helmers opens the conference, analysing reticence in the texts of nurses at the Front, Olive Dent, Kate Finzi and an anonymous, and shocking, diary of a nurse retreating with British forces at the start of the war.




Gwendal Piégais on interpreting and translating Russian for the substantial numbers of Russian soldiers serving alongside the French, in a range of locations.




Stefano Bannò on the work of Willhelm Doegen, creating the Königlich-preussiche Phonographische Kommission collection of Italian voices (later known as the Berliner Lautarchiv).




Alison Fell on the cultural tensions between locals and Belgian refugees in Yorkshire, raising the identity issues surrounding the use of the word ‘refugee’.


Screen Shot 2018-09-15 at 07.14.58


Julian Walker on veteran’s silence, exploring the ways this concept might be approached.




Javier Alcalde presenting on Esperanto during the war, an appropriately internationalist and optimistic subject to bring the conference to a conclusion.





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